Sigma Kappa

Chapter History

Chapter History

Sigma Kappa's Zeta Omicron chapter at The University of Arizona was founded in 1978. Our home relocated in 2004, and in 2014 underwent an expansion. In Summer 2019, we got a beautiful refurbishing all throughout our two-story house! Currently, 41 of our sisters are able to live in in a (Covid-19 safe environment), giving them the chance to experience this one of a kind opportunity. We are honored to live in our astonishing home here at the University of Arizona, in which we continue to be a prominent Panhellenic chapter on campus, creating everlasting memories, and recruiting astounding women into our sisterhood. 

We have over 300 women proudly wearing Sigma Kappa letters around campus, representing our organization everywhere they go. Many of our sisters are involved in extracurricular activities, internships, clubs, jobs and intramural sports associated with the University. The best part about having a wide range of majors, and so many members, is that there is always someone to study with! We take deep pride in our education, with our all-chapter GPA at a 3.35, our chapter is ranked number 4 on the list for the highest GPA in the Panhellenic community! Sigma Kappa hosts many study events each semester to promote good grades and study habits for school. It is so easy to get help and focus on the reason we came to college! It is so empowering to work alongside women who are consistently working towards their goals and push each other to be the best versions of themselves.

All of our women find it very important to establish strong friendships, as it is one of our core values. We spend a lot of time with other chapters in our Panhellenic community to strengthen the special bond we all share. Our members support each other's philanthropy events by showing up in huge groups with all of their friends from inside and outside of the Greek community. We all love supporting the different philanthropies each house fundraises for because we know how important the cause is to their chapter. We also develop these friendships by hosting events every semester with our "Sister Sorority." Panhellenic randomly pairs chapters together in hopes of promoting #PanhellLove. In this past Spring semester, we had a combined chapter event at a cycling studio, a cookie decorating party for Valentine's Day, and a finals study session. Our sisters enjoyed talking to women in another chapter that they may not have otherwise met! We also had the opportunity to begin the tradition of the Giving Gift. It is a vase of beautiful flowers and a signature book that is given to Panhellenic chapters who are doing an amazing job! We started it off at Gamma Phi Beta to show how impressed we were with the work they were doing for their philanthropy. We wanted to be able to show chapters how much other women admire the hard work they are putting into their members.

When we say that we are known for our philanthropy... we really mean it! Every year we host at least two events to raise money for Sigma Kappa Foundation's Pulse Fund. In the Fall, we hold a sports event. It has been dodgeball for the past few years! In 2019, we had over 30 teams sign up! It is amazing to see the support we get from other chapters on campus. Everyone had a blast, and we were able to crown a winner at the end of the day! In the Spring, we hold a food fundraiser! It is most famously known as Sigma Sliders. Our wonderful chefs make sliders and fries that we serve to the Tucson community! It is a fun-filled night with music, dancing, and a photo booth. We take pride in our philanthropy, and we show that through our fun events we host to support the Sigma Kappa Foundation, as well as the Alzheimer's Association. Every November for the past few years, each woman attends Tucson's Walk to End Alzheimer's. It is a very moving ceremony and raises a lot of money for such a great cause. We are so grateful to be a part of something that is creating such a change in our society and helping to cure Alzheimer's! 


Our sisters value sisterhood, as it is one of the main reasons anyone joins a sorority.  We foster this relationship by creating a community and space that women feel free to be themselves in. While it may seem daunting that we have over 300 women in our chapter, there is always at least five people who want to do the same things as you in their free time. Our members know that at the end of their four years at the university that they will look back and remember something funny at lunch, something crazy at chapter, etc. with their sisters. Sigma Kappa is an amazing place to find bridesmaids and lifelong best friends because you know that they value the same things you do. This past fall, we improved our New Member Program. We want the New Members to feel welcomed right away, and make it easy for them to find friends. Our program is now focused on the idea of group-work and bonding. Every week they meet in small groups to meet everyone in their New Member Class and form bonds. We saw that these women made strong relationships right out of the gate. It is important to us that we show New Members how easy it is to make friends and know that Sigma Kappa is their home. As their time goes on in the sorority, we make sure that we still provide an environment that allows those relationships to grow. Every semester we hold a Sisterhood Retreat where we bring in guests to teach classes, food trucks, or go somewhere off-campus, to give an experience that everyone in the chapter to bond over. It is always something fun but educational that everyone talks about for weeks, which is when we usually plan our sisterhood events! Our most recent activity was bowling at Tucson Bowling! We were able to get the whole alley to ourselves, and we bowled all night long. All of our sisters want to establish strong, real friendships that will last a lifetime, and Sigma Kappa is the place to do it.